Teacher Documentation

Getting Started

To get started on the Centre of Learning as a Teacher or Store owner, your will have to apply for the position by filling out the registration from.

The Registration form can be found at: https://centreoflearning.co.za/teach-online/

The form will ask you to supply your store name, which will become the link (URL) to your store page.¬† Please note that all URL’s have to be lower case with no spaces. (_) underscores may be used.


All store registrations will have to be approved by The Centre Of Learning before you can create your online classes or sell your products.

Once you have been approved, you will receive and email with a link to your new dashboard.

Setting Up your Dashboard as a Teacher or Seller.

With the link provided in your approval email, you will be able to access your Dashboard.

Before you start uploading products you will have to customize your dashboard and make sure all your info has bee added.

Image sizes are as follows:
Profile Image: (1:1 ratio) 200px by 200px
Banner:1920px by 1000px
Store List banner: You can go smaller with 800px by 417px

Please keep in mind, if you use different sizes some of your image will be cut off.

SEO and Dashboard Finalization

Setting Up Products

While You are creating your product and you are not ready to make it live to the public just yet… Remember to select DRAFT at the bottom before previewing your product. Once you are happy with the product you can select SUBMIT.

Product Dates and Finalization

Product Dates:
Remember to always add a date rule that spans across the entire given time period you have stipulated, that is marked as NOT bookable. (WITH A HIGH NUMBER PRIORITY. )

Once that rule is set, you can create bookable date rules with a lower number priority.

(The higher the actual number the, the lower the actual priority.)

Date Rule Examples:
1. Rule set for every Wednesday.
Perfect for Meetings and Classes

2.Rule set for one day of the month and with only one class.
Perfect for Seminars